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Love the animation, music, sfx, and overall feeling of this animation. Great job guys!!!

Dood! Daily feature! You did a great job, friend. A great job. You should be proud!

I think it is rad! RAD!!!

Zalfurius responds:

You are the one who is the rad!!

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Greatest game ever made!!!

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So, so, so good. This surpasses the original in every way. Great job!

MosesX50 responds:

I am so honored that you would even think that, let alone say it! Thank you so much!

I love that jazzy feeling, those chords, they all work together. The beat is good. It stagnates a little so I think I can see what you're talking about. Maybe try making those drops more powerful. Take some more risks in regards to percussion. What would a regular old 4/4 beat with some intelligent snare work and cymbals sound like? Move those chords along a little more so that they don't just stay in the same place. I like this song and I think you did a really good job. Just trying to offer up some constructive criticism.

I love the melodic chords so far. This piano is beautiful and that bass is penetrating into the wrinkles of my brain. What a beautiful melody. It is a little bit loud in a few areas but nothing too bad. I can't help but wonder what a break beat might do to this song...but that's just my techno side coming out. Oh wait, there it is at 2:31, right on time. Wow. I wish it was longer. That's it. Wonderful job here.

A decision must be made but either way you decide something tragic might happen. Your resolve will be tested, your mettle, and your heart might break. As you walk towards your fate, goosebumps raise all over the surface of your skin. This will take everything you have. Are you ready to face this situation? You reflect back upon what you have already been through as you convince yourself that yes, you have what is required. You continue walking towards your destiny with strength and composure. And your choice consumes you until there is nothing left but the setting of the sun...

Just a little glimpse of what this song makes me think of.

WolfgangMiakoda responds:

A lovely interpretation of the track. I was originally inspired by looking up at the night sky, and realising just how bloody small and insignificant everything is.

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This is amazing. Simply amazing.

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