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Very wispy in the beginning. I think the bass could have had a little better introduction. Very soothing though. I can see it trying to go somewhere a little different bu it doesn't get all the way there for me, personally. Still very pretty. Some percussion could go a long way in this song.

Good longing feeling from that piano and waterfall. nice progression. This is a light hearted thunderstorm of a song. That beat though... ooooh guitar too? I love the second build so much!
The second half loses me a little bit but good walking away sfx. You tell a beautiful story.

TheMajician responds:


I love freedom. Those drums are killer. with that bassoon(?) something is coming...
Very ominous strings that turn into something beautiful. There is something reverent about this song. And your percussion is on point! Is that a nylon guitar or piano that comes in around 2 minutes. And the synth behind it all blends in perfectly. I could use a little darker and harder beat but that's just me. I wonder why you say this is the sound of freedom. I'm not disagreeing just asking.

Nice intro! That kick is really trying to hit hard. Very nice arpeggio and build up with those strings? Good stuff. Nice drop! " are you ready" indeed. The softer parts of this song are my favorite. They are beautiful. Nice intro to this new lead. You could get away with a little less kick but it doesn't hurt the song in my eyes. And then just grungy dubstep glitchy grimy immersion of sounds spewing out. Very cool. Nice finish as well. Good job!

ShockblastDeluxe responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Nice intro. the introduction of the bass and beat takes a while to kick in but when it does it is really cool. I like the melody and the supporting chords. It gets a little repetitive. down around 2:30 is a nice intro of something new.

Shima33 responds:

Thanks for listening!

Good start. really gets ya going. it has some power to it! It transitions very nicely. Got a little long before the calm but the double bass didn't hurt. I would have gone with a different bass for that melody but it works REALLY well. love it. A perfect fusion. I'm fucking in love with this song. Is it spoken for? Like, can I take it out sometime? On a date maybe? Oh. My. God. and then it fades out because of course it never stops. This baby just keeps on going. Great job!

MosesX50 responds:

I REALLY appreciate it! Means a lot, especially coming from you! I've always loved your work.

While I enjoy this, it is not really a song rather sfx for the horror. So it fits there. The feedback hurts a bit.

Like an 8 bit kinda game beach where the love interest is talking to the main character? And then that drop just throws it all in your face, I like that kind of laughing sound. You must have a very active night sky on the beach. I think from 3 minutes on is my favorite part. and the ending is fun.

uuuuuuh, slow me down. oh yes. drums are good. Where do you imagine this song playing? I can't help but think a little tempo increase would change this song into something else entirely and could give you a chance to explore some more.

ChristopherJohn responds:

Thanks for listening and for leaving a comment! This song actually started out much faster so I will try that when I revisit this track to turn it into a fully produced song. All the best!

Good chords at the start, muffled beat is nice. I know where this is going and I like it. Nice harmond?? bwop bwop bwop, I keep saying to myself. Good build! And those drums get a little more intense which is just what I was hoping for. Nice second half melody and instrument choice. a little break beat would have been ok. But I get it in terms of the build. and then BAM!! Nice. I like that choir. It's beautiful but I would have liked to hear a little more destruction to change things up. and then it just ends. but why?

Cesarinmono responds:

Thanks for the feedback.
About the last part i actually wanted to make longer but i ran out of ideas (probably in the future i update this track and make a longer version because i also really think i could've make it longer)

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