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I don't know about all you other Madness fans out there but listening to this song gives me Floob bumps. Floob bumps, I say! And to have Lothyde include a dedication to us as well? Well, I feel honored. This song captures everything that makes up a solid Madness entry. It just feels like something epic is happening all around us, like being shot into space on the biggest firework ever made, screaming through the void, and exploding into the sun. My Gods, Lothyde! Thank you for this! Just...Wow. oh, I almost forgot, Lothyde made this in 5 days!! I wouldn't be surprised in the least if you looked in the mirror right now and found a massive, Zues sized beard waving back at you. 100/10 stars and the knowledge that you've given me the Floob Bumps for the last 4:12! I'm gonna listen to this again and maybe I'll try and cover one of your songs for a change. 🤓
Bravo, sir. Bravo. SYANO-ra, I'm gonna go explode into the sun again. (See what I did there? Sayonara... Like, "see you later" but I used the song name SYANO-ra? See it now? Damn, that's my best play-on-words of all time!!)

Lothyde responds:

This left a big smile on my face, thank you! :)

Great job! I love the beat so much!

Your transition into that build up followed by that powerful drop into some solid chord structure was awesome! Love it.

Yeah, epic indeed! I'm hooked! I love how you took your time getting to this amazing melody, or rather, expanded slowly. And the bass sounds perfect along with the percussion and the wonderful kick. Amazing job, my friend! Beautifully crafted song. The only criticism I have isn't really a criticism at all, more of a suggestion. But I wonder if the length of the song could have afforded some time to introduce a counter melody? And then at that 5:20 mark when this climax hits us, we'd be even more grateful for it. But, as it is, this is solid gold so I'd take that suggestion with a grain of salt. Bravo! I want more!

Lothyde responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words Mr. Chesh, I'm glad you enjoyed. I tried very hard to come up with melodies but it was very hard, they all sounded terrible haha. I'll try harder for my next songs, thank you for the suggestion :)

I love it, man! Good job!

Lothyde responds:

Thank you, this track wouldn't exist without you!

Dude, you've got a knack for making very complete and smart melodies/chord progressions. You can nail down a theme really well!

DigDuggyWorks responds:

Most constructive compliment on my music... HELL YEAH, thank you so much! Admittedly the ending was just a placeholder for when I eventually built up to that, but I was running out of ideas until somebody told me it kinda looped alright on its own!

Oh ya, man. You nailed it! Totally get the theif vibe. Hiding in the shadows with the threat of danger all around. Well played, sir!

Yup, I could listen to this all day. I really like the melody. I have a few suggestions but I'll let you decide if you'd like to hear them. The sprouting of an idea has grown in my brains...

DigDuggyWorks responds:

Abso-bloody-lutely! Always looking to improve my music!

I love it!!!!!!!

I love that jazzy feeling, those chords, they all work together. The beat is good. It stagnates a little so I think I can see what you're talking about. Maybe try making those drops more powerful. Take some more risks in regards to percussion. What would a regular old 4/4 beat with some intelligent snare work and cymbals sound like? Move those chords along a little more so that they don't just stay in the same place. I like this song and I think you did a really good job. Just trying to offer up some constructive criticism.

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